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Ours is a 135 year story that began on the side walk of Evening Bazaar (in George Town, Madras). Evening Bazaar Road was a "Promenade" of its time in the great "Madras Presidency" which boast of the first British Factory (Fort St. George) and the only deep water Port on the East coast of India.

Around the year 1889, this neighborhood was a Promenade to the upmarket residences of Royapuram, the Army Cantonment on Island Grounds and the thousands of residences in Sowcarpet.

The story began in this back drop as a little "Duccan" selling products relevant to that time ie. Oil Lamps and Chimneys. Our founder was an industrious man driven south by the famines in Gujarat. Grit and determination were his hallmark and the shade of the Neem Tree, in the vicinity of the mosque was enough to make an impact and a singular beginning that has seen 2 world wars and 5 generations of CURRIMBHOYS.

Today, the 6th generation of CURRIMBHOY runs stores at 3 locations ie. Evening Bazaar, Adyar and Pondicherry. We sell in excess of 26,000 items in just 2 groups - Table and Kitchenware keeping a sharp focus on what we sell rather than diversifying into areas that exclude our core competence. Though driven by values and traditions we are rather up to date with the best that technology can offer (under the circumstance) to ensure that our clients be them the Hotels, Company Guest Houses, I.T Food Courts, Clubs and the like get the best service and attention from us through technology.

Fast forward, COVID shook us from the roots, the lock down was a difficult time for all ..... we survived, grateful to the "forces" and the incredible lot of people who form the CURRIMBHOYS TEAM. This includes the staff, customers and suppliers. Thank you!

This year 2022 in our history is milestone with the concept of the CommonWealth system of management and ownership in sharp focus.

Welcome to our brick and motar store on any day between 10:30 am. and 7:30 p.m - SUNDAY is our weekly holiday.

Mr. Navaz N. Currimbhoy (M) 98410 42470 Email: [email protected]

Our GST Number is: 33AACCC8130G1Z

Details of our bank accounts:

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M/S. CURRIMBHOYS Home Products P. Ltd.

LUT: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GE_xl_bPjNi8uYVvt...

GST: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uyvqAyoGGKGIsEs4Z...

The shop that leant the name to the area and bus stop "Bhai Kadai" Ph: 044 2535 2578


Our Shop at 47, Adyar Bridge Road. Ph: (044) 4260 7857.


Our shop at Pondy. Ph: (0413) 223 8834 or +91 90926 88393.


To cater to hotels and bulk buyers, we have our own printing facility wherein we print monograms and designs on glass and ceramic in a process that makes it scratch proof. Some of our clients in this segment include TCS, Infosys, Danfoss, Mahindra ... ... if you would like to see some work we've done for our valued clients ... its here !